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* Gratuity genius is the ultimate tip calculator featuring a easy to to use custom keyboard for entering bill amounts and a full tip reference guide.

Instructions for use:

Entering a bill amount:

  1. Open Gratuity Genius
  2. Select the text field right to the label “Bill Amount:”
  3. A keyboard will slide up below the text field
  4. Using the keyboard enter the bill amount, then select “Done”

When using the keyboard for entering a bill amount the “Delete” button will remove the last number entered. The “Clear” button will remove all the numbers entered in the field and the “Done” button will remove the keyboard from view.

Determining and Entering a tip percent:

When using Gratuity Genius there are several ways to enter a tip percent:

  1. Selecting the % field is the best way to enter a specific %, selecting the field right of the label ” Tip Percent” will bring a picker into view that goes all the way up to 75%. Using the picker select the desired % amount then press any area off the view to remove the picker from view.
  2. Using the service quality buttons is the best way to determine a tip for a waiter or waitress at a restaurant. The buttons will change the tip percent to the appropriate percent for the quality of service you received. The buttons range from “fair” to “brilliant”.
  3. Using the tip reference guide gratuity genius is more than a tip calculator its a tip reference, by selecting the “tip %” button on the top toolbar a tip reference guide will drop down. In the drop down you can select the tipping scenario that matches your needs by selecting the blue triangle button to the right of the desired category, the guide will be removed from the screen and the tip percent field will be changed to the corresponding tip percent.

Splitting the bill

After entering a bill amount and a tip percent

  1. Select the appropriate button available on the lower portion of the screen the number on each button corresponds to the number of people in your party from 2 to 6
  2. After selecting the appropriate button the amount per person will be in the text field above the buttons

To clear all fields simply press the grey “X” to the right of the bill amount field.



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